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Information regarding Discontinued Models

Please note that the models described below have ceased being produced. We thank you for your continued patronage of the products.

We used the utmost effort to obtain the necessary parts so that the models could be used as long as possible, however, it became impossible to obtain both parts and consumables for the models, resulting in it being extremely difficult to provide repair and maintenance services. We apologize in advance to any customers still using any of those models for any inconvenience caused by their discontinuance and appreciate your understanding.

In place of the discontinued models we have released new models (excluding oil content meter). We would be grateful if our customers would consider renewing the relevant equipment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Model Discontinued in Latest model
MA Thermal decomposition mercury analyzer SP-3D
April 2008 MA-3000
MA-3 Solo
MA-1S April 2005
MA-2/BC-1 May 2012
RA Reducing vaporization mercury analyzer RA-2 June 1995 RA-4300
RA-2A Jan. 2001
SC-20 Jan. 2001
RA-3 Dec. 2008
SCD-1 May 2011 RA-4500
RA-3420(A) May 2011
RA-5 Feb. 2018 RA-5A
ARA Liquid-contained mercury continuous-measuring equipment ARA-5
May 2003 ARA-6
WA Double-amalgamation atmospheric mercury measuring equipment WA-3
June 2003 WA-5A
WA-4 June 2013
AM Atmospheric mercury monitor AM-2 April 2001 AM-4
AM-3 Feb. 2004
EM Mercury gas monitor EM-4 Feb. 2001 EM-5
EMP-1 Oct. 2000 EMP-3
EMP-1A Sept. 2008
EMP-1B Jan. 2010
EMP-2 Dec. 2018
DM Continuous emission monitor DM-5 Nov. 2003 DM-6
MS-1A April 2007
Others Fluorescent tube-contained mercury measuring equipment TM-3 Dec. 2008 End of support
Oil content meter OIL-20 June 2005 End of support
OIL-20A July 2008 End of support


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