• MA: Direct thermal decomposition mercury analyzer
  • PE: Fully automated petro-pyrolysis mercury analyzer
  • RA: Reducing-vaporization mercury analyzer
  • WA: Atmospheric mercury analyzer
  • EMP: Portable mercury survey meter
  • EMP-2
  • EMP-2Hi
  • SGM-8
  • Continuous mercury monitor

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Portable mercury survey meter


Sister model of portable mercury survey meter: EMP-2 which specialized in high concentration mercury survey



Light-weight hands-free carry and handling at site

The EMP-2Hi is a sister model of the EMP-2, the compact, lightweight and highly reliable portable continuous mercury analyzer. This equipment specializes in measurement of highly concentrated mercury.
A portable atomic absorption spectrophotometer is installed in the main body, so the equipment is easy to carry to any site, where you can ensure simple and quick measurement of elemental vapor phase mercury in the working environment.
The EMP-2Hi provides a variety of applications that suggest new mercury measurement methods to change conventional practice.


Only one color (orange) is available.

40% reduced size and weight

Sample gas is directly taken into the absorption cell, and mercury concentration is measured by atomic absorption spectroscopy at absorbance of 253.7nm wavelength.
The weight and size are reduced by about 40% from our previous model.
The measurement range is as wide as 0.05 to 9.99 mg/m3, and the response time is only 1 second. Measurement data is saved in CSV format in the SD card, and the data can be easily analyzed. Operation is performed on a touch panel type color LCD.


Abundant options make the various mercury measurement possible

The EMP-2Hi has a new function that corrects interference from obstructing substances as the background.
Even at sites where the existence of gas that shows positive interference (such as hydrocarbon gas) is suspected, the equipment instantly detects and measures mercury alone and takes up as the data.



ApplicationGaseous metal mercury
Measurement PrincileCold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Flow Rateapprox. 1.0L/min
Measurement Range0~9.99mg/m3 (Resolution: 0.01mg/m3)
Significant Range 0.05~9.99mg/m3
Response Time1 sec.
Environmental Temperature0°C~45°C (without Dew Condensation)
Zero AdjustmentAutomatic/Zeo Gas Adjustment
Temperature AdjustmentNormalization of the measured data by measuring the gas temperature in the cell.
Display Panel3.5 inch, 320 x 240 dot, 64 colors
Display ModeDigital display/Level meter display/Time series display
Displayed FiguresInstant value, Average value, Peak value*1, battery residual amount, SD, Time, Interference element confirmation button*2
Power saving of backlightShift to nergy saving mode without touch operation (after 1 min.: Intensity 32%, after 10 min.: Intensity 0%)
AlarmAlarm by Built-in buzzer, No setting range identified
Data SavingSD Card
Battery Lithium Ion Battery (5Hr. Continuous measurement at 25°C after full charge, Charge Time: approx. 8Hr.)
MeasurementW265 x H128 x D110 (mm)
Weight 1.8Kg (including battery)

*1: Display unit is only “mg/m3

*2: Once the abnormal value is displayed, it is possible to confirm if it is caused by interference element


  • Fluorescent lamps manufacturing, disposal and re-cycling
  • Emergency response to mercury spill & cleanup monitoring
  • Mercury contamination source surveying & investigation
  • Industrial/worker safety and hygiene surveying
  • Facility workplace monitoring
  • Hazardous waste inspection and screening


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