• MA: Direct thermal decomposition mercury analyzer
  • PE: Fully automated petro-pyrolysis mercury analyzer
  • RA: Reducing-vaporization mercury analyzer
  • WA: Atmospheric mercury analyzer
  • EMP: Portable mercury survey meter
  • EMP-2
  • EMP-2Hi
  • SGM-8
  • Continuous mercury monitor

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Portable mercury survey meter


Easy to read and operate by color LCD touch panel, Light-weight hands-free carry and handling, Reliable real-time mercury measurement



Light-weight hands-free carry and handling at site

The EMP-2 is compact, lightweight and highly reliable portable continuous mercury analyzer.

A portable atomic absorption spectrophotometer is installed in the equipment main body, so the equipment is easy to carry to any site, where you can ensure simple and quick measurement of elemental vapor phase mercury in the working environment.

The EMP-2 provides a variety of applications that suggest new mercury measurement methods that can change conventional practice.


Two colors (blue and green) are available.

40% reduced size and weight

The sample gas is directly taken into the absorption cell, and mercury concentration is measured by atomic absorption spectroscopy at absorbance of 253.7nm wavelength.
The weight and size are reduced by about 40% from our previous model.
The measurement range is as wide as 0.1 to 999.9µg/m3, and the response time is only 1 second. Measurement data is saved in CSV format in the SD card, which can be easily analyzed.

Operation is performed on a touch panel type color LCD.


Abundant options make the various mercury measurement possible

The EMP-2 has a new function that corrects interference from obstructing substances as the background.
Even at sites where the existence of gas that shows positive interference (such as hydrocarbon gas) is suspected, the equipment instantly detects and measures mercury alone and takes up as the data.

By connecting options, it can be used for on-site measurements of samples such as water and flue gas. No expensive analytical equipment is needed, and only single unit makes various measurements possible.



Measuring targetElemental vapor phase mercury
Sampling flow rate~1liter/min, continuous
Measuring range0 to 1000µg/m3 (Resolution: 0.1µg/m3)
Precision CV < 10% @ 0.4µg/m3
Response time1 second (equipped with 1 meter length sampling line)
Temperature range0°C to +45°C, non-condensing
Zero correctionAutomatic/zero gas method
Temperature compensationAutomatic-correction
Display3.5" Graphic display touch screen (320 x 240 dots 64-color)
Measurement modeReal-time survey mode (1µg/m3 resolution)
High-sensitivity mode (0.1µg/m3 resolution)
(to be kept horizontal & stationary throughout measurements)
Display screen parameters Instantaneous/Continuous average/Max readings (µg/m3 or mg/m3)/Data and time/Battery capacity level/Measurement mode/Interference check (to confirm for any false positive interferences)/Graphic bars (digital & analog)
Audio indicatorBeeping (increase beeping frequency with increase reading)
Backlight savingLCD saving mode (32% intensity after 1min; 0% intensity (OFF) after 10mins)
Warning alarm0 to 99.9µg/m3 -- user-settable (ON or OFF) (0.1µg/m3 step)
Data storageSD card (data saved as CSV format with data/time stamp for all readings)
BatteryEasy swap out rechargeable Li-Ion battery (5 hours capacity at 25°C after full charged)/(Charging time: approx. 8 hours)
Dimension265(W) x 128(H) x 110(D) mm
Weight1.8kg with battery


  • Fluorescent lamps manufacturing, disposal and re-cycling
  • Emergency response to mercury spill & cleanup monitoring
  • Mercury contamination source surveying & investigation
  • Industrial/worker safety and hygiene surveying
  • Facility workplace monitoring
  • Hazardous waste inspection and screening
  • At-site stack, exhaust duct & etc flue gases screening and measurement (1)
  • Mercury in natural gas screening and measurement (2)
  • At-site mercury in water analysis (3)

(1): to couple with gas reduction module
(2): via tedlar® bag
(3): to couple with reduction impinger kit


AQUA kit

This kit is a set of reducing-vaporization units for simplified measurement of environmental water and tap water.

Conventionally, the only simplified measuring method usable at site was the one that uses mercury detector tubes. The AQUA kit can measure mercury easily by a method closer to the official analytical method.

AQUA kit

A liquid sample is taken into a sample container, (1+1) sulfuric acid and a 10% tin chloride solution is added to reduce and vaporize mercury in the sample to ensure the simplified measurement of Tin (II) Chloride.

You can also measure total mercury if you perform alkali reduction.

Since the unit is powered by a battery, measurement is possible even at sites in which there is no a power source.
(However, for samples that contain interferences such as organic substances, it may be impossible to obtain correct measurement results without wet pretreatment.)

Gas-borne mercury pretreatment equipment (WLE-8)

The WLE-8 is wet pretreatment equipment for flue gas measurement.
This equipment reduces Hg2+ in sample gas as pretreatment, and removes acidic gas (such as SO2, NOX, and HCl). Since the equipment is small and light-weight, installation at sites is very easy.


Exhaust gas in the flue is taken through the heating transfer line and passes through 10% tin chloride solution in the first vial to reduce oxidized mercury into metal mercury, thereby, total mercury in the flue gas is measured.
Flue gas contains acid gases such as SO2, and NOX, which are removed in a 1mol/L KOH solution in the second vial.
Then, moisture in the gas is removed in the third vial.
Reagents and moisture are discharged and replaced automatically.

By filling the first vial with a KCl solution, you can exclusively measure elemental vapor phase mercury. Therefore, by using this system and measuring 2 sets at the same time, you can measure mercury in different forms.

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