• MA: Direct thermal decomposition mercury analyzer
  • PE: Fully automated petro-pyrolysis mercury analyzer
  • RA: Reducing-vaporization mercury analyzer
  • WA: Atmospheric mercury analyzer
  • EMP: Portable mercury survey meter
  • Continuous mercury monitor
  • AM-4
  • EM-5
  • ARA-6

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Continuous mercury monitor
in the working environment


Stationary continuous mercury analyzer of gaseous metal mercury in the working environment



Reliable data acquisition with a high sensitivity atomic absorption spectrometry

The EM-5 is stationary continuous mercury analyzer that measures elemental vapor phase mercury concentration in the working environment.

By adopting highly sensitive atomic absorption spectroscopy, a stable baseline and highly reliable data can be obtained. This equipment is operated at 100V.

The touch panel increased the operatability, which includes, in addition to measurement start/stop, the display of real-time mercury concentration of the measurement line, and settings of various conditions.


Variety of options suitable for various measurement condition

We have a variety of options to satisfy your measuring conditions.

In addition to the sample switching unit that has up to 8 lines, options such as the wet pretreatment equipment (WLE-5) that removes interference that affects mercury measurement, and data analysis software are available.


ApplicationWorking environment (gaseous metal mercury)
Measurement principleAtomic absorption spectrometry
Measurement range 0.1µg/m3~5mg/m3
Zero adjustmentAutomatic calibration by zero-gas (every 5 min. for 20 sec.)
Display panel 5.4 inch LCD (Touch-panel)
DisplayInstant concentration, Average value in every 5 min.
External OutputAnalog output (4-20mA), Digital output (RS-232C), Alarm contact signal
Line switching2ch~8ch (option)


  • Manufacture of a fluorescence lamp, disposal, and recycling
  • Management about the safety of the working area and the health condition of workers
  • Monitoring in the working area of the institution
  • Monitoring of mercury leakage


5-channel line switching unit

5-channel line switching unit

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