• MA: Direct thermal decomposition mercury analyzer
  • PE: Fully automated petro-pyrolysis mercury analyzer
  • RA: Reducing-vaporization mercury analyzer
  • WA: Atmospheric mercury analyzer
  • EMP: Portable mercury survey meter
  • Continuous mercury monitor
  • AM-4
  • EM-5
  • ARA-6

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Continuous mercury monitor
for mercury in liquid


The fully automatic mercury analyzer with wet pretreatment followed by the offical methods, by cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry



Up to 75% costreduction is possible by a highly sensitive detector

The ARA-6 measures mercury concentration in liquid samples such as industrial wastewater, river water and tap water based on an official analytical method consisting of wet pretreatment and cold-vapor atomic absorption spectroscopy. The processes including liquid sampling, measurement, recording and cleaning are fully automated.

Since the ARA-6 is equipped with a highly sensitive detector, the amount of sample required is as small as 5 mL. Therefore, the costs for reagents and waste fluid treatment can be significantly reduced by up to 75%, compared to conventional methods.

Also, an additionally used simple tube pump for feeding the reagent has improved the ease of the maintenance work and reduced maintenance cost.

The ARA-6 has a built-in electric cooler box, which prevents reagents and mercury standard solutions from degrading due to high temperature in summer.

For calibration, a zero/span two-point calibration is fully automated. The calibration frequency can be set to daily, weekly or monthly.


Five excellent features of ARA-6

  • Wet pretreatment based on the official analytical method is fully automated.
  • The ARA-6 is equipped with a highly sensitive detector, so the amount of sample required is as small as 5ml. Reagent consumption and waste water treatment cost are reduced significantly.
  • A small tube pump is additinaly used as the reagent feeding pump. The amount to be injected can be set freely.
  • The ARA-6 has a built-in electric cooler box to store reagents and mercury standard solution.
  • The ARA-6 is equipped with the zero/span two-point automatic calibration function. The frequency can be set freely.


MEASUREMENT SECTIONMeasurement principleDouble-beam cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry
Measurement methodReducing vaporization method (open-air system)
Light sourceLow-pressure mercury lamp
Wave length253.7nm
DetectorPhoto tube/Semiconductor sensor
Detection limit5ppt
Measurement range0.005~20µg/L (0~100ng)
Measurement accuracyRepeatability less than 5% (n=5 and more) by mercury standard solution, 1ppb
Sample amount5ml
PRE-TRATMENT SECTIONNumber of reagents6kinds
Liquid transitTube pump system
Reaction vesselPyrex
Heating/CoolingHeater/Compulsory air cooling
StirringMagnet stirrer
DATA PROCESSING SECTIONOperation·Display5.4inch touch panel
Automatic calibrationZero·span adjustment
Output signalAnalog signal (4-20mA or 0-1V)
Digital signal (RS-232C)
Contact signal 2outputs
Input signalContact signal 1output
REAGENT STORAGEStorageCooler box


Factory drain (without SS), River water, Tap water e.t.c.


No special options available.

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