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Along with the foundation of Nippon Instruments Corporation in 1978, it established the TECH. CENTER (TECHNICAL CENTER) in the premises of its Osaka Office.

TECH. CENTER is a department consisting of a group of engineers specializing in mercury analysis in order to address the uniqueness of mercury analysis which may be less familiar to the public. The group members are specialists of the applied technology in the field of chemistry, and work every day on basic research of mercury analysis technologies and development of new measurement technologies.

TECH. CENTER answers technical questions from customers who purchased our mercury analysis equipment, and offers technical advice to potential customers. TECH. CENTER can also accept samples from customers for analysis and provide results to them or supports customers in their analysis activities.

We are sure that we can help you solve your problems through our analyzing and measuring know-how that we have accumulated since our foundation.

If you have any questions about mercury measurement, please feel free to take contact with TECH. CENTER.


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