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Pride in “100% Made in JAPAN” policy

Made in JAPAN

Japan established a firm reputation in global markets due to the high quality and reliability of products made in Japan but, for a period of time, it lost the previous momentum it had enjoyed. However, the reliability of products “Made in JAPAN” is recently being recaptured throughout the world.

We, Nippon Instruments Corporation, have developed and manufactured mercury analyzers in Japan since first being founded, and all of our products are of course 100% Made in JAPAN.

We i) stay aware of and meet the requirements of customers in order to be able to quickly respond to any laws and standards that are ever-changing over time, ii) facilitate the smooth exchange of opinions and repeated tests between our application laboratory researchers and engineers, and iii) ensure the timely procurement of reliable parts that are all made in Japan in a constant effort to retain our products being “Made in JAPAN,” which has resulted in a very good reputation in global markets.

We intend to continue to uphold and take pride in the “Made in JAPAN” policy and deliver equipment that makes a contribution to all our customers throughout the world.

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