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Experiments and Theory are our basic pillars.

Nippon Instruments Corporation (NIC) was founded because of a solid desire to “identify an easy way to analyze mercury” by our predecessors who had discovered the reality of Minamata disease at the time. NIC is one of a few professional companies exclusively pursuing the analysis of a single element, namely mercury, since first being founded in 1978.

Mercury affects the lives and health of organisms and can be found in various forms throughout the natural environment. We are confident that accurately measuring and appropriately controlling mercury can help in protecting people’s lives and contributing to the healthy development of industries.

The method used to make the measurements when analyzing mercury is, in principle, quite simple, and utilizes atomic absorption spectroscopy and atomic fluorescence spectroscopy. However, mercury easily attaches to substances and hence any measurements require the appropriate separation and extraction of mercury from the samples used. This means that the accurate analysis and measurement of mercury requires the original knowledge and know-how we have accumulated over many decades. We intend to continue to make the effort to provide equipment that is capable of contributing to the development of human society via the two pillars of experiments and theory which incorporate the know-how we have cultivated through experience. This is the pride and mission we have as a professional manufacturer that specializes in mercury analyzers.

Mercury analysis will continue to be very necessary and for a variety of purposes. We hope that the equipment made by Nippon Instruments Corporation will be of as much help to you as possible.

Representative Director    Yoshiaki Yoshioka

Yoshiaki Yoshioka

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