52 countries has ratified The Minamata Convention on Mercury as of May 18th, 2017 and it will come into effect on August 16th 2017.  Please refer to UNEP web site as below.

Notifications under the Minamata Convention on Mercury (UNEP)

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RA-5 New Simple, powerful and multi-configurable reducing vaporization CVAAS mercury analyzer by PC operated. RA-5A > More
RA-4500 Revolutionizing mercury analisis by CVAAS to include fully automated sample digestion and analysis. RA-4500 > More
WA-5A Dual gold amalgamation system, suitable for the measurement of mercury in air and gaseous matrices by CVAAS. WA-5A > More
MA-3 Solo New Affordable, high-performance & compact benchtop direct mercury analyzer. SGM-8 > More
MA-3000 New world's standard model built-in automatic sample changer with 100 samples. MA-3000 > More
PE-1000 Global standard model for petroleum related business, fully automated petro-pyrolysis marcury analyzer. PE-1000 > More

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